Guillaume Gauthereau, an entrepreneurial CEO igniting change, believes businesses prosper and profit most when aligned with passion and purpose. His mission, to create a better world through leading socially minded businesses, is one he embraces every day. By taking action and keeping a well-balanced life he continues to thrive and has established himself not just as a successful CEO, entrepreneur, and business leader, but someone CEOs and institutions seek for advice and counsel.

His personal passion and purpose stem from a deep understanding of nature and early lessons on social values and respect to all life. Guillaume also received more of this understanding through his long and intense education, specifically his PhD from the Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort in Paris. Today, he continues to see the importance of social values as it factors in all his business decisions.

Guillaume maintains this connection through daily meditation, challenging travels, and even as a beekeeper. With this connection, he is continuously growing as a person. And he applies these lessons learned into his leadership, entrepreneurial ideas and client work – creating extraordinary results.

As Founder and Chairman of Sequoia Lab, an incubator focused on implementing growth and brand strategies for companies with a sustainable and socially responsible interest, he continues to help foster positive change in business. His broad range of clients range from large multinationals to energetic start-ups to popular artists.

As the Co-founder and CEO of Totsy, Guillaume coalesced a well-organized team of over 100 people, successfully raised $45M for the company’s first two rounds of financing, and in 36 months led the company to become the second largest US private sale website dedicated to moms and “tots.” The website today has over 5 millions members and remains the only carbon neutral and socially responsible flash sale company in the US.

Guillaume has received global media recognition for his achievements. He has been featured on FOX News, CNN, CBS, CNBC, BFM, Huffington Post, The Independent, Forbes and Upstart (formerly Portfolio). Guillaume was named Foreign Trade Advisor by the French government and was an entrepreneur of the year finalist in 2012, having been recognized for building a large business in a new country. He has changed careers three times – shifting between countries and industries – including a stint working with luxury brands at Lalique, where he shared their appreciation of hand-made and well-crafted products. More of his successful ventures can be found on his professional CV.

Guillaume also plans to continue to ignite change with heart and speak about his professional accomplishments along with topics such as work/life balance with happiness, working with purpose & passion, and conscious leadership. He has been an invited speaker at elite academic institutions including Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, INSEAD Alumni and Parsons School of Design.

Next up for Guillaume is international volunteer work and travel. His first stop is to volunteer at Mother Theresa’s charity in Calcutta. He then plans to work with Tibetan monks, both children and adults, in Kathmandu, enter a silent mediation Ashram in India, and is lining up additional volunteer projects. These experiences will continue his education and create a more focused, understanding, and conscious leader. Upon his return he will continue his purposeful and passionate consciously driven leadership.

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