Guillaume has been advising business leaders for over 10 years. From young entrepreneurs to CEO of large corporations, and also celebrities. His goal is to provide a qualitative sound board to allow it’s clients to grow their businesses and their brand at a much faster rate, while incorporating strategic components based on it’s experiences and large network.

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ALICIA KEYS / AKW is the business arm of Alicia Keys, the multi-platinum, 15 Grammy award-winning musician, actress and philanthropist.

As strategic advisors to AKW, we have been involved in a number of social and business projects including brand strategy and development, market analysis and venturing, and business concept and business plan development.

Most recently for I Am a Super

ArtWeLove offers exclusive, museum-quality art editions by today’s most inspiring artists.

It focuses on artists whose works can be found in top galleries and museums, leading art events, and private collections around the world.

Guillaume is a strategic advisor to ArtWeLove on marketing strategy, social media strategy, financial budgeting, funding strategy and investor presentations.

BRICKHOUSE SECURITY help it’s customers to protect what they “care about most” by offering the best safety and security products, supported by industry-leading customer service.

The company provide expert solutions to families, businesses of all sizes, and government agencies. It is consider the leading and largest commerce site in the US on this segment.

YellowBrck is a geo-location based service and mobile app that allows moms and dads the ability to “check in” at any venue or share any activity they do with other parents using their mobile device.

Users earn discounts and savings for actions like checking in at a venue, identifying new venues, stating what activity they are doing, or locating nearby friends or savings.

Guillaume advised YellowBrck Founder & CEO on business strategy and various cross marketing initiatives. As an Advisory Board member, he offers strategic input and assessments on day-to-day operations and long-term strategy. is a social commerce platform providing exclusive access to everything new, first.

Here, brands launch their newest offerings and engage with early adopters and super influencers.

Think of ePhare as your invitation to the Red Carpet premiere for new products, services, content – really anything and everything new.

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